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Published by HarperCollins Great Britain, 2001. Paperback, 592 pgs.
Goodreads Description

     I'm finally back in the world of Hobb! This is the third trilogy in her vast Realm of the Elderlings books. The first Farseer trilogy is best series I've ever read, so I'm thrilled to be back with some of my favorite characters. This installment follows up with beloved (and not so beloved) characters fifteen years after the conclusion of the Red Ship Wars. Peace has finally been attained, but is unsurprisingly tenuous.
         I do not recommend reading the descriptions on the back of these books! Go to the Robin Hobb website and search for her books in order. For example, the "errand" in question isn't addressed until page 200 (in this edition), but is told in general terms on the back cover. The first half of the story is getting back into gear with Fitz's thoughts, emotions, and general relationship status over the past decade and a half. I enjoyed this due to my extreme love of the character-based study, but concede some might it tedious, too long, and dragging out the eventual mission.
       Hobb is such a gifted storyteller, especially detailing inner turmoil and setting her characters to the proverbial fire. The rarity of having fleshed out characters, a masterful/intricate plot, AND award- winning writing continues to blow my mind.
        Ironically, I've been slightly avoiding this set of books because I've heard from every single reader friend on Booktube that it is emotionally taxing- even from usual bookish non-cryers. Eek! I was wary how she would address certain animal situations....and she was sensitive and perfect, as always. I truly don't know how she consistently maintains this intricate world, but I'll read all her words! Obviously, two thumbs way up.


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